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     What is Interview Prep?

    Group Interviews are designed to test an applicant’s attitude and kinematics while working with a group on a business case. The results are later presented to an admissions officer who has a critical role in the applicant`s admission. Some of the schools that have this type of interview are Wharton and IMD.

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     How does it work?

    Practice makes perfect. Before your critical Wharton/IMD interview, practice with the pros and get feedback on your participation so you can improve before the real deal. Gain the confidence that comes from having done it before. Present yourself with the polish.

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Over 3,000 students accepted to Harvard, Stanford,Wharton, INSEAD,LBS



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Over 1,000 students accepted to Harvard, Stanford,Wharton, INSEAD,LBS



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OOver 1,000 students accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, LBS



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  • Group interview simulation with one to two other Wharton/IMD applicants and one of our experts as a facilitator
  • Written feedback on the individual applicant’s performance during the team simulation and the individual mock interview
  • One consultation to discuss feedback on both the team and the individual interview

What Our Students Say

“I was frightened by an interview I was about to do for Wharton as neither Stanford, Chicago or Harvard asked for such a format. Fortunately, the MBA Center had a lot of students who were Wharton candidates and we prepared together. The Wharton interview format was the same. I’m sure that the group interview was key to my success.”

− Nicolas, The Wharton School MBA

“I wasn’t scared by the interviews as I work in sales, but I was scared of the group interviews + group case study since I’d never done anything like that before. The MBA Center coach prepared me for both. I was perfectly prepared. This excellent preparation was certainly one of the main reasons for my success at IMD. I highly recommend the MBA Center to my friends.”

− Caroline, IMD MBA

Group Interview prep

Get Prepared by the Leading Test Prep and Admissions Center in Europe

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