Frederic, HEC Paris, MIM

“Applying to colleges abroad can be very stressful, but my coach at MBA Center helped me through each step of my application process, right from writing my cover letter to preparing for the interviews. I cannot thank MBA Center enough for helping me get through to my dream school.”


“I was working with an admission consultant and even after two months, I ended up with nothing a week before my deadline. Dr. Hubert Silly at MBA Center put me up with a coach who helped me put together a wonderful application in a week! I cannot thank her enough for her help.”

Daniel, IESE, MBA

“Working with MBA Center was one of the best decisions of my academic life. Their expertise, reliability and professionalism are way ahead of others in the admission consulting business. I have never been prouder of myself after joining. Thank you MBA Center!”

Julien, London Business School, MBA

“Admission consulting can be a very time consuming. MBA Center is reliable and affordable. I can personally vouch for the fact that my coach was available to me throughout the process, guiding me through the entire process, step by step.”

Apoorv, Yale School of Management, MBA

“I believed that I was equipped to handle the entire application process by myself. Realised my error when I began revising found that there was so much more to the process than writing. Turning to MBA Center for help was the best career choice. Thank you MBA Center.”

Emily Shardoch, INSEAD, MBA

“When I mentioned wanting to get into the top MBA programs in Europe and US, a friend recommended that I talk to Dr. Hubert Silly. And then, I managed to get a clear understanding of the admission procedures in both the places and great help with my essays and interview preparations. Thank you MBA Center”

Edouard, London Business School, MIM

“Admission consulting is not just about editing and discussing MIMs. It is also about counselling the student through their fears. Today I can confidently talk to a roomful of people about who I am because of the work we did to discover myself in my essays. Thank you MBA Center!”

Ullash, Oxford Said Business School, MBA

“MBA Center is an NGO and has a special programme for refugees. When a colleague at work told me about this. I cannot afford the sky high consulting fees of many firms and MBA Center was a godsend opportunity for me to realise my dreams of getting into a good business school.”

Olivier, Chicago Booth, MBA

“Thank you is not big enough for my consultant at MBA Center who helped me through the entire process, right from essays to the mock interviews, guiding me through each portion of my application and helping me fine tune it to another level. Thank you for helping me take one more step towards my goals.”

Benoit, Columbia Business School, MBA

“Having applied to business schools and been rejected before I was apprehensive about applying a second time. But my coach encouraged me through the entire process. I have been accepted to three colleges this year. I am sure have come a long way, all thanks to MBA Center.”

Daniel, NYU Stern, MBA

“A demanding work schedule meant that I had one week to put together all my applications. My coach and I stayed up long nights, day after day, working and reworking on my applications till we were both satisfied with the results. I owe her the greatest gratitude and also MBA Center for putting me in touch with her.”

Lorenza, London Business School, MIM

“Working with MBA Center has helped boost my confidence, helping me see myself in a new light. All those hours of work put in to bring out the best part of me in the essays has made me realise that I have the potential to go a lot further in life than I originally believed. Thank you MBA Center.”