(ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021)

  •   The Master in Management

The MIM is the most popular degree among our GMAT students, as over 1,200 of them prepared for an MIM last year. The most popular destinations for MIMs include the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. However, the demand for Spanish MIMs is increasing steadily and we expect it to reach the level of demand for French business schools in the coming year.

MIMs Results

  • The Master in International Finance

The MIF is a degree whose demand has gone up the fastest amongst our students in 2017-18. It would seem that students are now divided among two categories: those who want to work in the consulting industry and who go for MIMs and those who have a clearer picture of what they want to do after graduation and want to focus on Investment banking. As with MIM, Western Europe remains the key destination for MIF, with France being the number one destination chosen by students who apply to HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, EDHEC, EM Lyon. It would seem that French business schools have a real expertise in investment banking that is appreciated by recruiters.


MIFs Results

  • MBAs

The demand for full-time MBA keeps declining, and it seems that students favor following an MIM or MIF right after school or wait for a few years to get sponsorship from the companies they work in for local EMBA programs. With over 50 plus students accepted at INSEAD, the oldest European MBA remains MBA Center’s key destination followed by HEC and LBS. The demand for US MBAs remains very stable, but focuses on brand MBAs such as MIT, Columbia and Yale. We see the demand for Yale keeps increasing, specially among our Indian students, who take advantage of the very generous scholarships offered by Yale to top students.


MBAs Results

  • Global Executive MBAs

Global Executive MBAs remain a niche program at MBA Center, as we have fewer than 100 students applying for this program globally. INSEAD and IMD remain the preferred destination among our students. This can be explained by the very positive image that these two schools have and their expertise in executive education that keeps attracting more and more students. The demand for TRIUM, Columbia, Chicago, LBS remains quite stable though slightly declining.


GEMBAs Results

  • >Executive MBAs

The Executive MBA is the most popular MBA program at MBA Center and its success keeps increasing. This can be explained by the fact that a lot of students are now waiting for a few years to get promoted to get sponsored by their employers. The most popular destination for our students areHEC, ESSEC, IE, etc most of which are located in Western Europe. In recent years we have started to notice a rise in the number of applicants to German EMBA programs.


EMBAs Results