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     What is Wait Ding Analysis?

    The Ding Analysis Service is used to understand why applicants haven’t been accepted to their chosen universities and to build an alternative strategy. It is designed for candidates that need to assess their odds of trying again and analyze why they have not been accepted.

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     How does it work?

    Once our experts have assessed your applications, they will help you determine all the possible options they have in mind. Then they will show you how to improve different aspects of your application. Another option is to enhance your selection of programs. This enhancement can help you achieve not only your education goals but also your career goals.

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Ding Analysis

  • Assessment. There may be many reasons why you have been dinged. It is, therefore, very important to read the feedback you receive from schools to be able to assess the reasons why you have not been accepted
  • Reapply. Once we have revised and improved your applications together, you will reapply in other rounds to some of the universities you have already applied to and add new universities that may be a better fit
  • Build a Career. In case you eventually decide that you do not want to continue on the application path, we will help you develop new alternative career goals

What Our Students Say

“Preparing an MBA application is a lot of work. After paying several thousands of dollars to Fortunaadmissions.com , I got rejected at INSEAD, HEC, and LBS. I was devastated. The MBA Center explained that my GMAT score wasn’t high enough. I had wished that Fortunaadmissions.com had told me that. I then worked with MBA Center to increase my score. After waiting two years, I applied to Yale and NYU and got accepted to both. Thanks for your honesty and professionalism.”


“I had first worked with Kaplan (800 euros), but I only got on two waiting lists. This was disappointing. The MBA Center did an in-depth analysis of my application and suggested that I apply again. After working with them, I completely reformatted my application, and I got accepted to INSEAD.”

− Filippo, INSEAD MBA

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