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     What is Kira Interview Prep?

    Kira Talent is a video interview platform allowing schools to interview prospective applicants through this website. The Kira talent interview questions will enable the admission committee to have a holistic look at the applicant, such as leadership potential, communication skills, comprehension, drive, etc..

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     How does it work?

    Each of our students will receive mock interview questions to prepare before practicing with an expert who will give you tips on answering Kira’s interview questions. Assessing your performance, our admission consultant will tell you how to improve your answers during your interview.

Meet our Admissions Consultants



25+ years of experience

Over 3,000 students accepted to Harvard, Stanford,Wharton, INSEAD,LBS



15+ years of experience

Over 1,000 students accepted to Harvard, Stanford,Wharton, INSEAD,LBS



30+ years of experience
OOver 1,000 students accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, LBS



10+ years of experience
Over 150 students accepted to Harvard, Stanford,Wharton, INSEAD,LBS



  • An exhaustive list of 200+ questions that have been collected from over 50 Kira Interviews to help you prepare for all possibilities
  • Two sessions of two hours each. The best way to prepare for your interview is practice, practice, practice…
  • Assessment of your performance. During and after each training session, you will receive complete feedback and suggestions for improvement, as well as expert strategies and tips for each particular school

What Our Students Say

“I’ve just finished my Kira interview for INSEAD. I was really lucky because the content of the questions I had were exactly the ones I had prepared. I had previously signed up with Thanks to the MBA Center, I was fully prepared.”


“I was very scared to interview in front of a computer. Thanks to the excellent preparation with my coach, my interview went well because I had already rehearsed 80% of the questions.”

− Juan, IE MIM

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Get Prepared by the Leading Test Prep and Admissions Center in Europe

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